Mal-Don Championship

In 2021 The Croft are going to be running their unaffiliated shows again. The Mal-Don Championship will continue but now include results for prelim and novice classes from both The Croft and Tadley RC unaffiliated shows. The PYO classes at the Tadley RC shows will this year be known as The Shyloh Championship.


2020 Winners:

Champion - Suzanne Croxford on Croft Vigo
Reserve Champion - Alison Faulkner on Floreat Angelina
3rd - Amanda Taplin on Blue Gem
4th - Cara Rogers on
Langaller Poldark

The sponsors of the Mal-Don Championship have decided awards will go to fourth place this year.
We have run the Mal-Don 2020 Championship in association with The Croft.

The Mal-Don Championship is for all Unaffiliated Prelim and Novice competitors, and has been kindly sponsored by Paul and Paula Brazier, in memory of parents who encourage and support us to do what we love, inspiring Passion and Joy in Dressage.

All competitors competing in either or both of the Unaffiliated Prelim and Novice classes at a TDRC show at The Croft will have their percentage scores automatically entered into The Mal-Don Championship.  An average of the three highest scores from each combination will be calculated (you must compete in at least 3 separate competitions to qualify) and the highest average will be deemed the Champion for the year, and prizes for the top three combinations will be awarded.

Prizes will include:

  • The Mal-Don Champion – Championship Rug, Rosette and Sash, plus free entry to any class at The Croft EC

  • The Mal-Don Reserve Champion – Championship Saddle Pad – Rosette and free entry to any class at The Croft EC

  • The Mal-Don Championship 3rd Place – Championship Bandages - Rosette and free entry to any class at The Croft EC

These will be awarded at a special photographic presentation in December.

Read the Mal-Don Rules.

View the Mal-Don News at The Croft.