We have organised Cross Country Schooling with Lorna Fraser on Sunday 18th October 2020 at 10.30am at Bucklebury Equestrian.

Contact to book. £20 each for hire for XC course + tuition. Max 4 people.

On Saturday 1st February 2020, we are holding a Show Jumping Clinic with Mark Corbett at Rawlins Farm, Charter Alley. All heights so will suit everyone. Cost is £25 per person in a group of 4 or £30 per person in a group of 3.

A Dressage To Music Demo (How to start your Dressage To Music Journey) will be held on Saturday 29th February 2020 at The Croft with Sara Green.  £10 members and £12 non members. See Events page to book.
Sara Green is first and foremost a Dressage To Music enthusiast. As a child she had DTM ambitions before it even existed. As well as leaping over show jumping courses made out of garden implements on her imaginary pony, she would also prance around to music coming through the kitchen window!
Some 40 years later, and finally the owner of a non-imaginary equine, Sara made her first DTM routine using vinyl records and a small cassette recorder. These days she uses a computer and, though entirely self-taught, has produced routines at all levels, from Riding Club Prelim right up to International Grand Prix.  In the last few years she has put together the music for Alice Oppenheimer and Danni Morgan.
Sara’s aim is to demystify the whole process of getting started with DTM. Whether you want to use a professional to create your routine, or have a go at doing it yourself, she will give you insight into how to chose the right music for you and your horse.  Above all, the aim is to show that dancing to music with your horse is great fun and within the capabilities of all.

We have organised a Sara-Jane Lanning Dressage Training Clinic on Tuesday 17th March. See Events page to book.


More Training information for 2020 coming soon...